Friday, November 13, 2009

Siesta during VTES EC 2009 Last Chance Qualifier

Two rounds of VtES have been played during the Last Chance Qualifier of the VtES EC 2009, and now there's break from 2pm to 4pm. From what I hear that's called Siesta in Spain.

Left: The venue of the EC 2009: Barcelo Publeo Park Hotel

Right: Hotel Lobby of the Barcelo Pueblo Park Hotel.

The metagame I saw in the previous two rounds was leaned heavily politics. My first table seating was: Jakub (POL) (Gangrel G1/2 Loki's Gift Vote) --> Jesus (ESP) (Tzimisce G2/3 Warghoul) --> Ralf (GER) (Ventrue G4/5 Lawfirm) --> Jordi (ESP) (Brujah G1/2 Con Boon) --> Denis (FRA) (Nosferatu G2/3 Con Boon). My second table seating was: Kimmo (FIN) (Ventrue antitribu G3/4 Wall) --> Claudio (ESP) (Rafael/Lutz MindRape Politics) --> Christophe (FRA) (Obf/Pre Prince Vote/Bleed) --> Jerome (FRA) (MidCap Obf/Pre Bleed) --> Ralf (GER) (Ventrue G4/5 Lawfirm). Even if you didn't count my deck there are 5 out of 8 decks which featured politics.

Left: The terrasse of the hotel with players waiting for the begin of the Last Chance Qualifier.

Right: The first round of the LCQ is about to be started.

Another observation was the abundance of "Wash", "Direct Intervention" and "Pentex Subversion" in large number of of decks. Best example for this was a player's first turn, where his attempt to play "Dreams of the Sphinx" was foiled twice in that round because of two "Washes" from his predator and prey. Another deck I saw had at least 5 "Wash" in his library, and the player was only halfway through his library.


  1. Finally some reports. Keep 'em coming Ralf :)

  2. help - i am trying to track down James McKellan aka Legbiter (I think now in Newcastle upon tyne) and John Eagles (now in London i think) - both UK Portsmouth players from a few years back... if anyone can help, please drop me a line.
    Anam & Ian aka Stubby