Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Pictures from Day 1

Some more pictures from Day 1 of the VtES EC 2009 tournament:

Left: Card trading (as in TCG) taking place.

Right: More card trading taking place.

Left: World of Darkness Original for Sale (non-VtES)

Right: The final of the booster draft tournament side event (parallel to the Day 1 tournament).

1 comment:

  1. It's not the final of Constructed. It's a final of Booster Draft because I'm there. And I actually managed to win it.

    From down left corner :

    Mike -> Kasper -> (Juans lovely wife) Juan -> (Jaakko) Timo -> Raul

    Two rounds from this picture Raul influenced himself down to 3 pool and I managed to oust him. At that point Mike already had "Bernard, the Scourge" in game and he was able to burn all my vampires. He actually burned one out of my 4 vampires. So I decided to play Millicent Smith to slow things down since I had already 1vp. Rest of the game I just defended myself against Juan who took me down to 2 pool. Mike got Kasper down to 1. Time was counted down from 7 seconds when Juan was untapping his vampires and would have ousted me there for victory. Close call I would say.

    Timo 'xfactor' Snellman