Monday, November 9, 2009

"Friday 13th" Storyline Bounty

This a repost of echiang's post on the VtES Usenet Newsgroup:

Next week at the 2009 European Championship, there will be a special storyline tournament on Friday, November 13th, running opposite the Last Chance Qualifier. Details for the event can be found at: Friday 13th Storyline website

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the EC this year. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to support the Tremere (and Tremere Antitribu) in the storyline. I’m therefore offering a bounty if the storyline winner helps the Tremere.

The basic bounty can be claimed by any Clan. You don’t have to make a special deck for this. There’s an additional bounty, however, if the winner is a Tremere Antitribu deck (75% of your crypt is Tremere Antitribu). Since the final round has no special rules, the winning player just has to make his intentions clear to the storyline coordinator as to what he wants to do with Claudio Severino.

  1. Any winning deck (regardless of clan/faction or your key minion) can claim this
  2. The winning player/clan uses the results of the storyline to save Clan Tremere (nothing treacherous)
  3. The winning player/clan helps Claudio Severino (you can obtain knowledge and learn from him, but no killing / destroying / capturing / etc., he has to be kept alive and unharmed)
In exchange, I offer one of the following:

[A.] Almost any single card. I can fulfill 98% of requests, but I am limited by my collection (e.g. I don’t have any copies of Monastery of Shadows or New Carthage). But here’s a small sample of highly sought- after cards you could select if you want (choose one):
[B.] Alternatively, I do have some sealed starter decks (many of which are out-of-print and hard to get) and you could choose ONE of them:
  • Followers of Set (Final Nights)
  • Giovanni (Final Nights)
  • Ravnos (Final Nights)
  • Toreador (Camarilla)
  • Ventrue (Camarilla)
  • Barons (Anarchs)
  • Gangs (Anarchs)
  • Anathema (Kindred Most Wanted)
  • Baali (Kindred Most Wanted)
  • I may also have a Brujah Antitribu (Sabbat War) deck somewhere but I’d have to look for it
[C.] If you prefer sealed boosters, I can offer a handful instead. (If you choose this option you’d get several boosters, not just one). Looking at some of my old tournament winnings, I have a bunch of boosters from: Kindred Most Wanted, Nights of Reckoning, Third Edition, Sword of Caine, Ebony Kingdom, and a couple from Lords of Night. If you’re looking for harder to get boosters, I do have some Bloodlines or Anarchs boosters you could choose.

[D.] I rummaged through some of my old knick-knacks and came up with some other pieces of old World of Darkness memorabilia that some people might appreciate. You could choose one of the following:
  • Followers of Set Clan T-Shirt, the one with Hesha Ruhadze (Sealed and Unused, Size XL)
  • Giovanni Clan T-Shirt, the one with Isabel Giovanni (Sealed and Unused, Size XL)
  • Ravnos Clan T-Shirt, the one with Khalil Ravana (Sealed and Unused, Size XL)
  • Followers of Set letterhead / stationary (Sealed and Unused). Yes, White Wolf used to produce this.
  • Giovanni letterhead / stationary (Sealed and Unused). Yes, White Wolf used to produce this.
  • Ravnos letterhead / stationary (Sealed and Unused). Yes, White Wolf used to produce this.

[E.] I’m pretty flexible so if you want something else, please contact me and we can probably work something out. So if the winning player chooses to save the Tremere and help Claudio Severino, he could select (for example):
  • one copy of Enkil Cog
  • or one copy of The Unmasking
  • or a Final Nights Ravnos Starter (which includes Sensory Deprivation)
  • or a Camarilla Ventrue Starter (which includes Arika, Banishment, Governs, etc.)
  • or several boosters
  • or a Giovanni Clan T-Shirt
  • etc.
And this is in addition to whatever you’ll already be getting from the generous prize support provided by Ginés Quiñonero (like the framed artwork).

No extra effort is needed to earn this bounty (any winning deck can fulfill the requirements).

So it’ll be like winning, plus getting an extra bonus. And who doesn’t like something extra??

  1. This added bounty is only for a winning Tremere Antitribu deck (75% of your crypt is Tremere Antitribu)
  2. The winning player uses the results of the storyline to save Clan Tremere (same as above)
  3. The winning player not only helps Claudio Severino (kept alive and unharmed) but actually recruits him to join the Tremere Antitribu!
I’m obviously a big Tremere Antitribu fan. However, it’s not in our interests to see the Camarilla Tremere destroyed (they provide such lovely recruits to use in our decks!). If anything, it might be quite interesting if we get Claudio Severino to join us. If he shows up as a crypt card, it would be nice to have another Tremere Antitribu vampire (especially on the presumption that storyline rewards don’t "count" for the normal number of vampires a clan gets per grouping). Or if he shows up as an ally, it would be cool to have another mage ally for the clan (to partner up with Nephandus and who can be recruited by Antonio d’Erlette).

If you claim this bounty (which is instead of the prior one), I will offer three times as much. So you could choose three of the options listed above (subject to availability). I do not have 3 Enkil Cogs. But you could choose for example:
  • one Enkil Cog and one Preternatural Strength and one The Unmasking
  • or one Shroud of Absence AND a Baali Starter and a Ravnos clan t-shirt
  • or a Final Nights Giovanni Starter and an Anarchs Gangs Starter and a bunch of boosters
  • etc.
Once again this bounty is on top of whatever you'll already be winning (framed artwork donated by Ginés Quiñonero), making it a pretty sizable trophy.

I have been in touch with the relevant storyline coordinators who have been very supportive of the bounty concept. So it should be quite easy to confirm that you have met the conditions of the bounty and then I can promptly send the spoils of victory to you.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning the bounty or need some clarification, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Best of luck to all those participating in next week’s European Championships. For everyone else -- it’s not too late to book some last-minute tickets to Spain! And I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on the hope that a Tremere Antitribu deck manages to take the storyline win!

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