Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pictures from the Last Chance Qualifier & Storyline Event

Some more pictures from yesterday's Last Chance Qualifier and Storyline event "Friday 13th", which were played during VtES EC 2009:

Left: Original art and sketch (in the background).

Right: LCQ Round 1 Table 2 and 3.

Left: LCQ Third Round 3 Table 1

Right: LCQ Third Round 3 Table 4. Janne was playing his infamous "Undead Persistence Molotov Cocktail" deck, and Didi his "No Secrets from Tsunda" deck.

Left: LCQ Third Round 3 Table 10

Right: Final Table of the LCQ. Later in the game where Floppy already had 5 counters on the Smiling Jack, when finally the Jack was removed crosstable. But it was already too late to stop Floppy.

Left: Storyline Event Round 3

Right: Also Storyline Event Round 3

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