Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pictures from the Storyline Tournament "Friday 13th"

Here are some pictures from the EC 2009 VtES Storyline named "Friday 13th", specifically from the final, which ended late yesterday (November 13th). The finalists were:
1. Dani (ESP) -- Legacy of Pander Vote
2. Mika (FIN) -- Giovanni/Nagaraja Allies
3. Paul (GBR) -- Nosferatu G4/5 Princes
4. Pedro (PRT) -- Toreador Gun feat. Anneke
5. Teresa (PRT) -- Followers of Set Mummies
Left: Final Table of the Storyline.

Right: Dani's Legacy of Pander Vote deck (w/o Legacy of Pander).

Left: Paul's Nosferatu deck.

Right: Teresa's Followers of Set Mummy deck.

Left: Mika' Giovanni/Nagaraja "weird" Allies deck.

Right: Pedro's Anneke Cel Gun deck.

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  1. Hi! Just to mension that Pedro Luís (the winner) is from Portugal, not Spain.
    Great pictures!

    Tiago Brum