Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EC 2009 Day 1 Finals Chronicle

Here are the pictures from the Day 1 final round of VtES EC 2009 tournament. Sort of a chronicle of the final round. The table was packed with Dominate minions, two Ventrue/Ventrue antitribu powerbleed decks, two Giovanni powerbleed decks and a

Left: The final right at the start. From left to right: Inaki, Hugh, Cesar, Erol and Vincent.

Right: Early in the game when the first

Left: Inaki thinking hard about how to survive Vincent's horde of five vampires with Dominate.

Right: Inaki just ousted by Vincent makes Hugh think about his future, too. He solves the problem by ousting Cesar.

Left: After Vincent's next assault Hugh's pool is down to two.

Right: Hugh has been ousted by Vincent, and it doesn't look well for Erol, since Vincent's vampire outnumber those of Erol by 2:1.

Left: Vincent's deck during the height of its glory with five ready minions.

Right: Vincent, the happy winner of the EC 2009 Day 1 tournament.

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