Thursday, November 19, 2009

EC 2009 Day 2 Finals Chronicle

Here are the pictures from the Day 2 final round of VtES EC 2009 tournament. Sort of a chronicle of the final round.

Left: Earlier in the game with Kamel on the play. I really like that there was a large crowd, which stayed to watch the final.

Right: A round later the players are still building up.

Left: Another round later Kamel has managed to oust Erol by first stealing Erol's Stanislava with a Temptation of Greater Power.

Right: Joaquim is rushing backwards against Christophe's EuroBrujah to get some room to breath.

Left: After some negotating & rescuing Kamel manages to call "Political Strangehold" giving everybody but Martin 6 pool.

Right: With Kamel seriously injured by Joaquim beating down his vampire, Martin can go full forward against the weakend Christophe.

Left: Soon after Christophe's defense fell, and Joaquim finally got close to ousting Kamel after putting a "Dragonbound" in play.
Right: Heads-up between Martin and Joaquim who had a defacto 5:1 minion advantage, since "Beast got a "Pentex Subversion" on him. Easy sailing home ..

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