Saturday, October 10, 2009

¿Se Habla Español? (Part 1)

Since the European VtES Championship 2009 is taking placing in Palma de Mallorca, Spain in about 4 weeks, it's time to learn some of the more important phrases commonly needed in game of VtES en español:
  • "Soy tu aliado." -- "I am your ally."
  • "Nunca rompo pactos." -- "I never break deals."
  • "No te haré daño." -- "I don't want to harm you."
  • "Te sangro de ocho, con dos de sigilo." -- "I bleed you for eight, with +2 stealth."
  • "Por favor, no me ataques." -- "Please don't rush me."
  • "Desvio el sangrado a mi presa." -- "I bounce the bleed to my prey."
  • "Voto a favor." -- "I vote in favour."
  • "Voto en contra." -- "I vote against."
.. and most importantly:
  • "¿Habla Ingles?" -- "Do you speak English?"
If you know more valuable bits and pieces of VtES lingo en español, please feel free to comment. And please include the English translation!!
[Repost from earlier this year]

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  1. Very funny. I had a good laugh.

    Please tell me about the right pronouncation.